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Cerno Property Management Software is a new and revolutionary online management tool uniquely developed for property management companies, strata councils, and related stakeholders.



There are two fundamentally important reasons.

  1.   Cerno Software was built as a forum-based communications system. (Please see Response-based software for the details.)
  2.   Cerno Property Management Software was developed on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.

Let’s consider this latter point and see what makes Cerno Software unique within the property management sector.


Software-as-a-Service describes software applications that are delivered over the Internet. In other words, the software is accessed through the Internet—anywhere and anytime that the user can access the Internet. End users do not pay for the software itself (i.e., condo boards/strata councils, owners/residents, trades, and realtors), but rather a nominal fee each month for using it.

In contrast, software that is created for the client/server model is loaded onto the company’s in-house server, or the user’s desktop computer. An example of client/server software would be Microsoft Office or Maximiser Contact Management, and many others.

An increasing number of these software packages are now being offered on the SaaS platform. In fact, at the start of 2010 79% of U.S. Companies were using at least one SaaS application.


  • Cerno Property Management Software is not a website.
    Rather, it is a communications-center and document management software system that manages the thousands of communication points between all stakeholders instantly.

    FACILITATED USER ACCESS: People can login to their data and their information 24/7, 365 days of the year from anywhere in the world that provides access to the Internet. There is no need to download and install the software onto their company server or personal computer. It also means that regardless of the desktop software that a person uses, he/she can always access and use the Cerno Software.Mobile access using smart phones, tablets and other handheld devices is equally simple to use. Again, you only need access to the Internet to manage your communications across the spectrum of stakeholders.

  • HIGHEST LEVELS OF SECURITY: Due to the fact that Cerno Software resides at a central location, access is totally controllable and security is much easier to maintain. Secure documents, files, and communications can now be achieved for every user, not just a select few.
  • USE AND PROCESSING STANDARDIZATION: Communications and processing of information and documents can be standardized across an entire community of users—instantly. Cerno Software as a SaaS product makes adding features, implementing upgrades, providing customization quicker, less costly and immediately applied to all users, whether there are 50 or 5000. No need to upgrade, adjust or fix each user’s program.
  • COST EFFICIENT: Because Cerno Software is a SaaS product, there is a single point of installation, maintenance, and upgrades. This eliminates bloated IT costs, and expensive maintenance contracts.
  • QUICK AND EASILY ADOPTED BY USERS: Training is standardized across all properties and for all users, which reduces the learning curve, which is critical for those who may be technology illiterate. There are no user licenses to worry about; no annual update fees to pay, or long-term contracts to sign. The user sign-up is simple, fast and trouble-free.
  • NO DEVELOPMENT TIME. IMMEDIATE IMPLEMENTATION: Cerno Property Management Software eliminates the huge costs associated with in-house development of property management software. In-house solutions require significant portions of your time and budget for the development, implementation, maintenance and upgrading of software and hardware; none of which adds any value to your bottom line.

With just this brief review, it quickly becomes obvious that Cerno Property Management Software is not website-based. Nor is it an interactive website for each Strata Corporation. It is a SaaS communications-centric and document management software system that is built upon the most effective communications platform—forum-based.


  • Single point of communication with all stakeholders (residents, council members, resident managers, contractors, engineers—all in one place
  • Instant contact, accountability, and tracking of communications with strata councils, owners, trades
  • Easier, faster, and more secure than using Outlook or other email programs
  • Auto translation of messages into 35 languages


“Easy to Use – Easy to Learn”

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