What is Response-based Software


Cerno Software is a response-based (also known as forum-based or community-based) property management system that is designed for rapid, secure and efficient communication between all of the stakeholders within the property management spectrum. A forum allows you to do within your business, or within your client community, the sum total of everything you can do on the internet.

Forum-based software allows you to capture and share knowledge, identify issues and needs, reports, and address customer service inquiries, distribute and manage documents, establish event calendars, bookings, and schedules, and much more—all within a social platform. Forums are designed for a few to hundreds of people to communicate with a few or many hundreds of other people, in a controlled, completely secure manner.


Cerno Property Management Software

Cerno Property Management Software is fully customizable to each strata corporation and property management company. Therefore, you get all of the graphic design and layout features, pictures and video options that a traditional website offers. Unlike a website, however, Cerno provides a complete communications system that:
• Ensures secure and easy document management, file sharing, and storage
• Lower operational costs
• No email overload; faster, easier, trackable communications
• Reduced liability
• Peace of mind

Cerno Software, as a forum-based system gives you a powerful productivity tool for your property management business. You are able to keep the pulse on your customers’ needs and emerging trends more effectively and less expensively than any other method.

It’s easier for your customers to:

  • Express their views—before they become entrenched positions
  • Collaborate with you on finding solutions to problems more quickly and with less disruption
  • Work more effectively with you

Customer feedback like that will give you an edge on your competition, as you will be better able to identify the needs ad wants of your clients—and deliver on these more rapidly and effectively.


Cerno Software’s forum-based system differs from a chat room in that Cerno Software is “permission-based.” In other words, each user is given “permission” to access modules or sections of the software (and any user-added content) by “permission” of a “property manager moderator.” As the property management company, you along with the strata council / condo board determine which users have access to each module, and the content and documents within each module.

Examples of “Permission”

Cerno Software enables a property manager to post a notice about upcoming elevator repairs, and all residents of the building are “permitted” to see the notice. In another case, the property manager could post a notice about a bylaw infraction that only the offending party would see. The level of flexibility in assigning “permissions” and the related security is unmatched by any other software.

The power of forum-based software is that is can also act like a virtual round-table conference or brainstorming session, wherein residents can be surveyed or where they can share their opinions on a topic, or vote on an issue. This is done effortlessly, and without any paperwork. Cerno Software also provides a scheduling forum wherein users can request to book a party room, a move-out date, and so forth.

Cerno Software is the next generation of property management software that is easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to love.

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