Permission Based Protection


According to statistics Canada 79% of people are now online. In fact thats almost 27,000,000 people who have exposed themselves to the world of online predators.

Cerno Software has protected residents, owners, council and board members and strata agents for over 6 years now, we protect the privacy of your users online, because we know how.

So what is permissions based protection. Let’s say you send an document, that’s user level protection. I can send a document to you, you can pass it on to someone else, etc.

Permission based means, you need the right permissions to see that document. If you don’t have those permissions, you can’t see it.And you can control who can see any document at any time. You can even control the length of time a document is visible to a specific group, such as the council, residents, or vendors.

But we didn’t just create permissions for a message, we made sure that everything can have a set of permissions attached to it. So that what I have access too, you may not, and I can’t just pass on whatever I get.

In fact, documents, images, messages, sections, forums, calendars, notices, events, discussions, emails, board features and modules, can all have different sets and types of permissions and with our simple to use interface, you can do it yourself within seconds. Yes, its that easy. (or you can just ask us for help)

Take our software for a test-drive today. Ask one of our representatives to give you a short 20 minute demonstration in-house and start protecting your complex from online predators today.