Nothing to Download


With Cerno Software, there is no software for you to worry about downloading, updating, upgrading, installing.

We’ve created everything online. So that all you need is your browser and that’s it.

With most offline software, you need to install it, making sure you have the right hardware, and if there are problems you’ll need to download patches, updates and finally upgrades.

Often times your hardware or computer may not be perfect for the software so you may need to fill in bug reports or try and find updated drivers or libraries so that the software can work, as trying to make software compatible to the masses is a very hard process. That’s why Cerno Software decided to create all of its Software as a Service, online.

That means that we just had to make it secure, instantly accessible, easy to use, easy to create messages, easy to communicate, easily upgradable, with access to the highest number of computers and users as possible. It wasn’t easy for us, but after six years in business, we have created a communications system that makes your job as a Property Management Company, Property Manager / Strata Agent, or Condo Board / Strata Council member, easier, without any concerns about networks, hard drives, computer malfunctions, etc.

Take our software for a test-drive today. Ask one of our representatives to give you a short 20 minute demonstration in-house and start using our services without the steep learning curve, the long install times and download issues of the software, competitors are trying to sell you today.