Federal/Provincial Privacy Act Adherent


According to statistics Canada 79% of people are now online. In fact thats almost 27,000,000 people who have exposed themselves to the world.

Cerno Software has protected residents, owners, council and board members and strata agents for over 6 years now, we protect the privacy of your users online, because we know how.

25% of all North Americans say the worst thing that could happen to them today, would becoming a victim of internet fraud or having their online privacy compromised, second only to a traffic accident. People have every right to be afraid of online hackers, governments and even nosy neighbors. An average PC can be hacked without ever opening a file or so-called evil website.

Cerno Software was designed with privacy in mind, from its inception. With 256 bit encryption for your sensitive data (banks use 128 bit), a permissions based messaging system that is tied to a users unit number and active email address (which means one unit can’t see what the other unit is doing) and behind it all a worldwide leader in internet development, Cerno Software will keep you safe and secure while you communicate freely in our communciations control center, without fear of divulging anything private.

The internet is unrelenting in its search for careless users. From hackers to goverments to an irate ex-friend, it seems everyone has the tools to break into your computer except you. Don’t give them that chance with your complexes personal information, documents and data.

Our software was designed to protect your privacy not only from outside attacks and predators, but also from any misdirected internal snooping.

Take our software for a test-drive today. Ask one of our representatives to give you a short 20 minute demonstration in-house and start protecting your complex from online predators today.