Condo / Strata Act Adherent


The average person or even the average business, doesn’t have the legal headaches a strata corporation has, thats why you have rock-solid bylaws written by top lawyers. So why would you make your entire complex vulnerable to the whole planet by putting your complex online without the same thought and diligence as you gave to the physical complex. Your complex is insured for millions but that doesn’t protect online.

Cerno Software has protected Stratas and Condo boards for over 6 years now, we protect the legal entity of your complex online, because we know how.

How easy is it to sue a strata corporation or condo board who posts information online? How easy is it to post a first name or a unit number, minutes, a bylaw or two, or maybe even moving or parking information.

The internet is unrelenting in its search for careless companies. From lawyers, hackers, even ex-council members and realtors, to an irate owner, people today will waste no time in suing a strata or condo board for the smallest of mistakes. And because you didn’t think about the repercussions, they often win.

By making our software, condo and strata act, even homeowners association adherent we make sure that what you post, what you put up hasn’t exposed your complex to legal problems, now and into the future.

As acts change, so do we. We make sure that posting your bylaws won’t put you in a world of hurt 5 years from now, and any information that’s personal today, stays personal forever.

Take our software for a test-drive today. Ask one of our representatives to give you a short 20 minute demonstration in-house and start protecting your complex from online predators today.