Unit Owner Discussion Boards


There’s so many ways to communicate on the Internet today.

Twitter, blogs, email, facebook, linkedin, but for most day to day communications those mediums are either impersonal or far too personal.

Why not give your owners a better way to communicate, a discussion board.

Having access to speak to the council and the strata agent is always necessary for owners, and with Cerno Software and your online communications center, that comes standard in every package.

But what if the owners would like to build a community? Why wouldn’t you want to offer that to them?

Owners want to be able to discuss things together as a group. Under the careful eye of the property manager and under Cerno’s strictly mandated privacy, posting and disclosure agreements, owners can talk to one another freely.

We create a secure and non-confrontational community where owners can talk to each other about common issues that arise around the complex, their units or other day to day concerns. Moderated by either the council, the resident manager, the strata agent or a combination of any of these groups, under strict guidelines for public messaging that are legally binding that each owner agrees to electronically. It gives the property management company, the strata agent and the council peace of mind that the community will not be a source of headaches in the future, but gives each owner a voice and a sense of community, increasing pride in their unit, pride in their complex and in their council. Which increases the value of you the property management company.

Owners can post images, upload files and documents. Whatever the needs of the owners and the property management company, Cerno Software can help facilitate better communication.

Take our software for a test-drive today. Ask one of our representatives to give you a short 20 minute demonstration in-house and find out why Cerno Software’s discussion forums will be the hub of your communications for years to come.