Timed Notice Visibility


Don’t you love posting notices in the elevator or at the notice board?

Then you forget to take them down a week after, or maybe a month after, or maybe a year after.

Cerno Software has created a notice board system that takes less time and effort. Your resident manager will love you for it.

Using your online communications center, your notices can be posted within seconds, include pictures, and can be sent to the council to review, or can be posted to the entire complex and you’ll know they received it, and if and when they’ve viewed it. (you can even allow people to respond to the notice)

But here’s the best part. Notices can be timed, or given an expiration date.

So that within a week, a day or a month, notices are no longer publicly viewable. You can even reuse them over time. How’s that for effortless?

Take our software for a test-drive today. Ask one of our representatives to give you a short 20 minute demonstration in-house and give your resident manager an easier way to deal with notices.