Timed Message Visibility


Did you know that posting bylaws publicly can land your strata council in a world of legal trouble?

Information posted online needs to be controlled. Cerno Software helps you control the uncontrollable, the ever changing face of the Strata and Condo act and the ever changing face of government.

With Cerno Software you can post your bylaws to only those that need to see them, then control who has access to them, and when those bylaws should no longer be visible, such as when an amendment changes the original.

By controlling the message visibility and in particular the length of time a message will be viewable, you can reduce dramatically the frivolous lawsuits and liability that your strata council faces.

Put an end time on any bylaw and document so that at a given date, you’ll know when to change it, review it, or even update it, without fear that an owner has taken old out-dated information and built a hot-tub when they’re not supposed too, then the hot-tub breaks, leaks and destroys 4 units below it, causing a lawsuit nightmare for the complex. (and yes it has happened)

Take our software for a test-drive today. Ask one of our representatives to give you a short 20 minute demonstration in-house and reduce the liability of showing public, sensitive documents by controlling the length of time a document or bylaw is visible.