Selective Surveys


Need to get the pulse of the building? Don’t want to create another 200 unit letter writing campaign? You don’t have too.

With Cerno Software you can create surveys for all residents or any specific group.

Survey residents, tenants, owners, council members, landscapers, security personnel, even strata agents.

How important is it to get back feedback from an entire complex? Critical for things like deficiencies, and warranty issues, but what about for AGM’s, unit issues, problems with security or parking, or building maintenance?

Whatever the needs of your complex and council, sending out surveys that you know have all reached their intended audience, and then you know if and who has responded, are all a part of the Cerno Software survey module. Create surveys whenever, for whoever, and with whatever content you want. Even give them an expiration date, or an expiration count. Make them single entry surveys, or allow multiple responses, let people comment, or not, its up to you.

Take our software for a test-drive today. Ask one of our representatives to give you a short 20 minute demonstration in-house and find out what’s going on in any area of your complex and with any group, with online surveys.