Realtor Discussion Boards


There’s so many ways to communicate on the Internet today.

Twitter, blogs, email, facebook, linkedin, but for most day to day communications those mediums are either impersonal or far too personal.

Why not give your Realtors a better way to communicate, a discussion board.

Realtors always want to know whats going on in a complex? From requests for documents, and minutes to wanting to know whats renting, whats selling and what the prices are.

With Cerno Software you can create a discussion board just for Realtors. That gives you the ability to speak to them directly one on one, but also to make announcements or send notices to all Realtors instantly. Keep in touch with open houses, buyers, sellers, as well as giving or revoking privileges if they choose to break the rules, and report back to the council on how they’ve been doing. This gives you the best possible positive exposure to the council and the residents yet with minimal time and effort.

Realtors can post images, upload files and documents, make requests for documents. Whatever the needs of the realtors and the property management company, Cerno Software can help facilitate better communication.

Take our software for a test-drive today. Ask one of our representatives to give you a short 20 minute demonstration in-house and find out why Cerno Software’s discussion forums will be the hub of your communications for years to come.