Message/Email Tracking


How can you track a message or email when it gets released into the Internet?

How do you know if only the person you sent it too, saw it?

With Cerno Software, its easy.

Want only the people you sent the message to see it? Want only the people you posted a photo to view it? Don’t want people passing on your emails?

That’s what Cerno Software provides. Messages are never sent in complete to any resident or user, only the subject, time and a link back to the Cerno communications center is ever included in an email? Why is this safer? Because the user must be a registered member of the site in order to view the content of a message.

Imagine sending an email, only to have it passed around indiscriminately and then just try to undo the damage by having your emails removed from the offending peoples computers, is like trying to get the same air back into a balloon after you pop it. It’s impossible.

With Cerno Software, the situation is always under control. Here’s why:

  1. Information is only ever passed through the communication control center, meaning information is controlled and edited in only one place. If a message is offensive or has been posted in error, it can be deleted, edited or control who has access to view it. Try that with email.
  2. A viewer or user cannot pass this information to a friend or stranger without handing away their login information, which means, they will need to break the registration agreement in order to pass that information on, forfeiting any future access to the system should they be caught.
  3. They always get caught, as the system has built in safeguards and alerting to visibly show users who have shared accounts and passwords.

Take our software for a test-drive today. Ask one of our representatives to give you a short 20 minute demonstration in-house and finally bring security and privacy to your office/complex/council communcations.