Incident Reporting and Tracking


Dealing with incidents is just a part of being a member of council and a strata agent.

But what if you could reduce the personal conflict?

What if you could help to reduce the volatility of a situation before it ever escalates?

Cerno Software helps you achieve that and more, by integrating your online communications center for incidents. Here’s how.

Incidents are just a reality of living in a complex with other unit owners. As a council or as a strata agent, you have to analyze the incident, the people involved, the bylaws and render a judgment usually in a short period of time. The problem with any incident is that it can become personal. People want to know who they are talking too, and if they don’t like their responses, they attach blame to the name of the person that gave them bad news. Here are four things Cerno Software does thats different.

  1. With Cerno Software we create an environment where people communicate their incident to the legal entity of the complex, to the Strata council as a whole, such as BCS Strata 1234, or the Property Management Company. No names, no addresses, just the legal entity of the complex.
  2. To use the communications center they must agree to a binding document that means they are accountable for what they say and do when using the communications center.
  3. Next, on every complaint they receive an immediate response in the form of a naturally written automatic email response that the incident is being taken serious and is being looked into
  4. The name and unit number of the person, including if they are a tenant, what the landlords phone number is, and a quick way to look at their history is all accessible within your online communications center dashboard.

These four small features eliminate most confrontations and make it easier to research the situation before major problems ever start. Can you see how this can help you deal with touchy complexes?

Unit owners take the time to write a message that doesn’t get them temporarily banned or disciplined as they have agreed to and they want to get their point across but they don’t want to lose any privileges.

Also, they receive a relatively quick response in the form of an email that lets them know they aren’t being ignored, and finally they aren’t being responded to by Bob Roberts, rather the council or the property management company has posted a response to their incident report.

This process eliminates most conflict, not all, but a very large percentage of it, and thats only the beginning.

Take our software for a test-drive today. Ask one of our representatives to give you a short 20 minute demonstration in-house and make the process of dealing with incidents easier and risk free.