Concierge Scheduling


Want to know which concierge was covering the lobby last night?

Maybe your expecting a certain package and you want to make sure the concierge knows about it.

Or maybe you need to create the next months schedule for the concierge staff. Cerno help’s you do all of it.

Give your concierge company access to your new Cerno Software communication control center and know exactly what is going on with your concierge service. See the bookings over the next week, month or find out who was on, who signed in, who was replaced, even who was a no-show, all without leaving the comfort of your home.

Cerno Software helps you to keep all of your vendor, security and concierge services all within a single place. No longer go searching for schedules, reports or sign-in sheets again.

Take our software for a test-drive today. Ask one of our representatives to give you a short 20 minute demonstration in-house and organize your concierge services all under one umbrella, yours.