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  • Significantly reduces voice message, telephone tag, text messaging, and email communications

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Are you dealing with communication overload? Just too many phone calls? Playing telephone tag with too many people? Receiving and sending too many emails? Are you having trouble finding previous emails, notes, and other documents?

Single Point of Communication. Cerno Software will significantly reduce the time spent on voice and email communications. – It gives you a single point of communication with all of your stakeholders—property managers, strata council / condo board members, resident managers, owners, contractors, and vendors.

This ingenious software makes communicating with all stakeholders easier, faster, and more secure than using Outlook or other email programs. Cerno Software reduces the number of daily voice and email communications. For example, responding to a typical email usually requires a 6-10 step process. The same communication with Cerno Software is a 2-step process.

Cerno Property Management Software is not a website.
Rather, it is a communications-center and document management software system that manages the thousands of communication points between all stakeholders instantly.

Less steps means more time—more time for your property managers, which will improve their customer service response times. Better customer service means more satisfied and loyal clients.

More time in a day also translates into increased capacity of your property managers to manage additional properties.

Cerno Software puts you back in control of your communications, so that you are pushing the work, rather than the work pushing you.

  • Minimizes Miscommunications and Personality Conflicts

Cerno Software improves client relations between strata council members, unit owners, renters and property managers. For example, Cerno Software reduces the amount of time needed to manage miscommunications, personality conflicts, and related issues. How does it help with these issues?

First, consider how an email is always sent to another person or persons. Therefore, communicating one-on-one via emails can be very personal—too personal sometimes. This person-to-person communication means that emails are oftentimes a source of conflict between sender and receiver.

Cerno Software, unlike email, is a forum-based way of communicating. It is still two-way communication, however, it focuses communications directly on the issues or needs, rather than personalising them wherein mis-understandings and conflicts can occur. In other words, stakeholders’ comments and requests are directed to the legal entity of the strata or condo corporation, rather than to “Bob, the Resident Manager.” So when a property manager, strata council member, or an owner make a request, highlight a need, or respond to an issue, his/her comments are posted to the group that should see it not just a person who needs to forward the message. This significantly reduces miscommunications and conflicts, as all stakeholders quickly realize the value of “attacking” the issues, rather than the person or persons.

Second, Cerno Software gives you the flexibility of discussing complex or sensitive issues with selected stakeholders with greater privacy and information security. Cerno Software makes It is easier (and with less meetings), to develop and brainstorm solutions with appropriate stakeholders in confidence and privacy.

  • Easier, faster document sharing via a single, online communications center

“I can’t find that document! And I need it now!”
  • 15% of all paper handled in businesses is lost . . . and 30 percent of all employees’ time is spent trying to find lost documents.—The Boston Globe, 3/21/2006
  • A survey of 1,000 middle managers of large companies in the U.S. and U.K., found that 59% miss important information almost every day because it exists within the company but they cannot find it.—Accenture, Wall Street Journal, 5/14/2007.

For property managers and strata councils, the problem is even worse. In addition to lost files, too often when a strata council member resigns from the council, or moves, or is otherwise unavailable, the documents that he/she has in their possession are no longer available.

Cerno Software gives you complete control over all relevant documents. It consolidates all documents in one secure online location. You get easy access, superior searching, downloading, and printing of all documents relating to the strata corporation.

In addition, you can apply “permissions” to each document that you manage and share with stakeholders; you determine which files are viewable or down-loadable, by whom, and for how long.

Therefore, document ownership is retained and protected. Instead of many people having control of different documents, such as contractors, developers, city hall, accountants, lawyers and ex-strata board members, all of your data is now safely in one location, and all of the right people can have access to it. This eliminates the problem of lost files and other communications when a strata council member or resident manager moves. The document management system is easily maintained, and anyone can learn to use it in less than a few minutes.

  • Increases effectiveness of your current manual processes and software

Cerno Software seamlessly integrates with your existing manual processes and any software packages that you use, such as accounting, project management, or word-processing.

It is an easy-to-use client-facing communications link between that efficiently enables you to send spreadsheets, invoices and statement, text documents, blue prints, schematics, and pdf documents to others.

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