Benefits: Lower Operational Costs


Cerno Property Management Software is a new and revolutionary online communications software system.

You are just one step away from increasing your profits.
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  • Improves customer service response times

  • Forum based communications system enable easier, more efficient handling of client requests and information needs — time saved is money saved
  • Minimize miscommunications and other time consuming people management issues.

  • Discuss complex or sensitive issues with all or just selected stakeholders with greater privacy and information security.
  • It is easier (and with less meetings) to develop and brainstorm solutions with appropriate stakeholders in confidence and privacy.
  • Eliminates lost files, incorrect processing or redundancy of documents

  • Instead of many people having control of different documents, such as contractors, developers, city hall, accountants, lawyers and ex-strata board members, all of your data is now safely in one location, and all of the right people can have access to it.
  • Eliminates the problem of lost files and communications when a strata council member or resident manager moves.
  • The document management system is easily maintained and anyone can learn to use it in less than a few minutes.
  • Increases budgetary efficiencies through enhanced resident input

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