Benefits: Coordinate Vendors and Trades


Cerno Property Management Software is a new and revolutionary online communications software system.

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  • Set up secure, password protected access to variety of groups

  • Secure, password protected access can be tailored to each individual or company working in the complex
  • Their communications and document access can be tracked and monitored
  • Adjusting or deleting such access can be accomplished in seconds
  • Better tracking and reporting of projects.

  • Tradespersons and contractors can provide more daily or weekly reports on the progress of maintenance and repairs within the complex.
  • Once the project is completed or at any time, a tradesperson’s access to the system can be cancelled.
  • Establish greater accountability.

  • Now you will be able to track the date and time your communications were sent to each stakeholder, who read them and when, how much time they spent reading each message, and their response to the communication.
  • You will also know when an issue has been dealt with and by whom (e.g., property manager or strata council member, or resident manager), which saves time determining and confirming whether an issue has been resolved, etc.

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