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Cerno Property Management Software is a new and revolutionary online communications software system.

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  • Fully customized and brandable “Communications Control Center.”

  • Custom designs can be easily created, which showcase the complex.
  • For example, do you want to provide residents with drawings of the proposed lobby renovation or upload pictures of the finished project for the benefit of our-of-town or off-shore owners? You can, because your site will be 100% secure so that only those with permissions can view it.
  • Maximize your time with clients

  • Manage your communications with all stakeholders quickly, efficiently and painlessly, without sending, receiving, and sorting through thousands of emails.
  • Never spend another wasted second on trying to attribute people to councils and complexes. Let the “Communications Control Center” track that data for you.
  • Eliminate surprises

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  • Follow and print discussions of trends that are occurring re: deficiencies, onsite security breaches, complaints and other issues according to each building and each suite.
  • Instantly translate all of your communications

  • With one click, select the language you would like to change to, and it translates all of the messages, communications, and information live.
  • Minimize miscommunications and emotional confrontations

  • Discuss complex or sensitive issues with all or just selected stakeholders with greater privacy and information security.
  • It is easier (and with less meetings) to develop and brainstorm solutions with appropriate stakeholders in confidence and privacy.
  • All stakeholders will post comments and requests that will be directed to the legal entity of the complex, rather than to “Bob, the Resident Manager.”
  • Obtain quicker approvals for purchase orders and budgets

  • Expedite budget approvals at strata corporations’ AGM or special meetings, because your budgets will be based on accurate data reports from all key areas of each complex.
  • Enhance your reputation

  • Solve issues more quickly and effectively as you will be working with better facts and immediate data; (no more snail-mail surveys or guesswork).
  • Get more done in less time

  • Respond to complex and important issues immediately by selecting instantaneously which stakeholders need to be informed, which ones need to respond, to whom, and by what date.
  • Reduces the number of meetings and mis-communications.
  • Establish greater accountability

  • Now you will be able to track the date and time your communications were sent to each stakeholder, who read them and when, how much time they spent reading each message, and their response to the communication.
  • You will also know when an issue has been dealt with and by whom (e.g., property manager or strata council member, or resident manager), which saves time determining and confirming whether an issue has been resolved, etc.
  • Better tracking of projects

  • Tradespersons and contractors can be given secure, password protected access so that they can provide more daily or weekly reports on the progress of maintenance and repairs within the complex.
  • Once the project is completed or at any time, a tradesperson’s access to the system can be cancelled.

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