Cerno Software gives Condo Boards and Strata Councils the right tools to manage all work and communication within your complex

Imagine having a communications center that let’s you as a board / council member communicate with your residents, (all of them), your tenants, your resident caretaker, your trades people and of course your property manager all at the same time, without the fear of losing a single communication, your place in a conversation, or the responsibilities attached to something you’ve requested.

We’ve compiled a list of the top benefits (and yes theres many more) on the left, and we urge you to review these as well as all the features Cerno Software provides a condominium complex and its board of members and strata council members.

Some of the benefits you’ll read about on the left include:

  1. Improves communication between all stakeholder groups, condo board, strata council, property manager, strata agent, owner, tenant, caretaker, landscaper, engineer, accountant, lawyer, everyone.
  2. Property managers and council / board members are able to discuss issues within a secure, private environment
  3. Enables more accurate assessment of condominium building needs
  4. Ensures board /council meeting effectiveness
  5. Increases positive board / council exposure to building tenants
  6. Enhanced resident satisfaction
  7. All communications are conveniently organized for your p.m. / strata agent regarding your complex resulting in quicker response times
  8. Messages are guaranteed to reach the target p.m. / strata agent thereby eliminating unnecessary acknowledgement responses
  9. Follow and print discussions of trends that are occurring re: complex deficiencies, onsite security breaches, complaints and other issues according to each building and each suite.
  10. Never spend another wasted second on trying to attribute people to boards / councils and complexes. Let the “Communications Control Center” track that data for you.
  11. With one click, select the language you would like to change to, and it translates all of the messages, communications, and information live.
  12. Discuss complex or sensitive issues with all or just selected stakeholders with greater privacy and information security.
  13. It is easier (and with less meetings) to develop and brainstorm solutions with appropriate stakeholders in confidence and privacy.
  14. Expedite budget approvals at condo board / strata corporations’ AGM or special meetings, because your budgets will be based on accurate data reports from all key areas of each complex.
  15. Now you will be able to track the date and time your communications were sent to each stakeholder, who read them and when, how much time they spent reading each message, and their response to the communication.
  16. You will also know when an issue has been dealt with and by whom (e.g., property manager or strata council member, or resident manager), which saves time determining and confirming whether an issue has been resolved, etc.
  17. Consolidates all documents in one secure online location.
  18. Provides easy access, searching and downloading or printing of documents.
  19. Apply “permissions” to each document that you manage and share with residents, owners, tenants and outside parties; you determine which files are viewable or down-loadable and by whom.
  20. Communications and document management are compliant with provincial or state legislation such as Condominium, Homeowner Association or Strata Acts. (and we are constantly watching changes to the industry within major associations such as HOA, CHOA, BOMA, VISOA.
  21. Data control is provided by Pentagon-level security—256bit encryption, which is better than banks provide.
  22. Customizable security and permissions levels for any situation or request are easy to implement.

Please click on the benefits to the left, to read them in more detail.